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BARFORD, Norwich, Norfolk.

Trailer Towing training

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Do you need to take a B+E Trailer Towing Test!

Since 1997 the entitlement for towing a trailer over 750 kgs changed and various restrictions applied.

Therefore you might need to take a B+E Trailer Towing Test!

Start with an assessment 3 hrs - 125.00

After the assessment you will know if additional training might be required

 - Half day - 3hrs - 125.00
            or - 4hrs - 160.00
   Full day  - 5hrs - 195.00
            or - 6hrs - 230.00
(all the above are on a one-to-one)

DVSA - B+E Trailer Test costs - 115.00

Please send us an email or give us a call to discuss your requirements!

Opening days : Trailer Training & Assessments
Monday   Tuesday Wednesday Thursday
(am only) 

The trailer towing category, B+E, allows you to drive:
a vehicle and trailer/horsebox/caravan where the combination is over 3.5 tonnes MAM.

Courses are run for Norwich and Norfolk areas, and cater for:
towing training, trailer training, caravan towing training, or anything which needs towing.

The Test

The car +trailer test (Licence B+E) is based on the lorry test and last for approx 60 to 75 mins.

  • There is no category B+E theory test.
  • The test is conducted at the vocational (bus and lorry) driving test centre.
  • The towing test (B+E) includes: 
  • being asked 5 questions about towing related safety
  • ability to undertake safety checks on your vehicle and trailer
  • a reversing exercise
  • unhitching and re-coupling exercise
  • an on road drive, demonstrating a high level of competence, with emphasis on good mirror work, forward planning, all round observation. road positioning with consideration to other road users.
Towing Training
  • Towing Training will be tailored to suit you.
  • The amount you need will depend on your previous experience and how quickly you learn.
  • As a rough guide, SuttonDriving has found that:                     People who have:                                                                       SOME EXPERIENCE OF TOWING AND REVERSING NEED 1/2 to 1 days, Those with:                                                                                      NO EXPERIENCE AT ALL, COULD NEED POSIBLY 3 to 5 days.
  • In order to find out your requirements SuttonDriving does an ASSESSMENT SESSION OF 3 HOURS.                                                During this time you will be taken through the off-road manoeuvres in some detail and then spend the remaining time on the road, taking you through a variety of road conditions.              At the end of this session the areas that need attention will be explained.
  • Waiting times for test vary, but are usually around 5-6 weeks.
Towing Examples

vehicles with an unladen weight of 1.25 tonnes and a MAM of 2 tonnes coupled with a trailer with a MAM of 1.25 tonnes could be driven by the holder of a  category B entitlement. This is because the MAM of the combination does not exceed 3.5 tonnes and also the MAM of the trailer does not exceed the unladen  weight of the drawing vehicle.

the same vehicle with an unladen weight of 1.25 tonnes and a MAM of 2 tonnes when coupled with a trailer with a MAM of 1.5 tonnes would fall within category B+E. This is because although the combined weight weight of the vehicle and trailer is within the the 3.5 tonnes MAM limit, the MAM of the trailer is more than the unladen weight of the drawing vehicle.

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